Poetic Imagination
Poetic Imagination 7

Enroute to Dire Ruin

Why do you lie to me,

Is the truth damned?

This filth from your lips ensnare

Legs of depression

A darkened oppression

Hate comes from your heart

Such a wicked obsession

Realize you are no one

Your vanity arises

Shame fills your temples

As you make a wish

A hope of forgiveness

Can you believe this now

Your promise no one believes

Your anguish you receive

Do you want to escape

Enroute to dire ruin

Acceptance is your destiny.


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This next one is a song I wrote. Enjoy!

Final Heed

Lyrics by Jaystone

Figure out this demise

Secrets of the universe untold

Yeah what the wise men say

What they say to me yeah

Listen to the words of

An old man preaching

Saying to me this wisdom engaging

As I’m enthralled at what I’m told


Who can compare?

To these forlorn words yeah

Tell me my fortune

My bleak future yeah

What lies ahead for me old man

Tell me, tell me, tell me,

Yeah tell me wise man

Shame bares it’s ugly infamy

A little more everyday

Lines form upon your face

Times are passing by, yeah time passing

Repeat Chorus

Death is but a moment away

Youthful fantasies pass

Gone in a moments gaze

A vapor before your eyes

Pretty flowers mark your grave

Do you feel ever secure now

Life is cold and empty son yeah

As you pass away

Repeat Chorus

Lived life before your time

A lost cause indeed

Forsaken those words I’ve been told

Death come my final heed

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 2005 Overtoke Publishing