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Each of us seem to be able to do the things which other humans can not. We are poets. We write our feelings in a flow of conscience opening up our inner wounds for the world to see. We grant them this opportunity to inspect our progress.
The pages entitled 'Poetic Imagination' contains poems unless otherwise noted. My Poems and lyrics may not be as well written as say Emily Dickinson, William Blake, or Jim Morrison, but what I can say about them, is that they are mine. All poems are not masterpieces. Some are quite shit actually, which is the reason for us to continue writing. Read the below poem well, cause it speaks the truth if you'll only listen.

All poems, short stories copyright 2005 
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If there are spelling mistakes overlook them, cause I may of added them to see if you really payed attention to the work.

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Words are void,

If they are not worded.

No matter their discrepancies,

A purpose they do serve.

For any and all who is willing

To lend an ear to listen.

Words have ways to express

Our fears, doubts, insecurities,

Life, love, and death,

Whatever needs to be expressed.

To whomever will lend an ear of attention.

Words compel us to believe

To collect our thoughts for ourselves

Yes, words serve a purpose

Either hurtful, tender, or shameful,

They create in us the need to realize

What it is that makes our life complete.


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Review my stuff as well as other great and talented writers. I write under the name of Jaystone if you want to look, trust me it is some good shit!

Thank you