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The Pot Smokers Guide to the Planet Varpeth


The Pot Smokers Guide to the Planet Varpeth
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The Pot Smokers Guide to the Planet Varpeth

(Revised Edition for the year of our Lord Shotel the Stoned 04_20 of the astro existence calender)

By: Jaystone


Hello, my name is Enuman, and I am the chief supplier of weed on the Planet Varpeth. I am under the command of Shotel the Stoned. The reason for this propaganda is to allow tourists a glimpse to what our society on Varpeth is like. To inform those who are initiated, and those who are not a first hand view of life on Varpeth.

The Four Rules of the Planet Varpeth:

Here are the three rules of things we do not allow on our planet.

  1. We dont like self-indulgent smokers. You know the types who have bud and always ask for a hit of yours. These are called medi^ato in our native tongue. Which literally means scavenger.
  2. We also dislike triple hitters of anothers joint. Our rule of thumb is puff puff pass.

  4. Shotel the stoned has a profound hatred of the people who are iron lungs our Bogarts as spoken in the Earth system of living.
  5. Worst of all, we hate the ones who decide to steal ones roach. This is blasphemous!


As long as one obeys the rules of our planet, they can stay and enjoy the harvest.

The Many Fine Ways to Enjoy Weed on Varpeth:

There are many fine ways to enjoy weed here on Varpeth. We only ask, share to the one in need. Spread the high and promote self-gratification. Our official motto: If we have weed, well share. But if you have some and us none, then you share.

There are many great smoke shops in many of our metropolitan areas. A smoke shop is never too far away. With all of the new weed technology, it is easy to spread the high.

Social Aspects of Varpeth:

The crime rate of Varpeth is the lowest of any planet in the Longinus system of planets. Only people who refuse to smoke, or those who openly violate our four simple rules, receive punishment.

Varpeth is an equal opportunity smoke planet. All pot heads are created equal. We all have certain infallible rights given to us by the God of Pot Shotel Himself.

End Notes:

As this propaganda come to a close, please remember our official poem:

When you are in stress,

And your heart is in a mess,

Grab a fine bowl of Varpethian

And live in the clouds of adoration.

This propaganda brought to you by: The Committee of Pot heads of Varpeth or T.C.P.V.

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