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Tender to touch
the salt burns
a soul stirring in the breeze
ghosts of a forgotten past
alive forevermore
within the price of a two-bit whore
come on show me a good time
within my own confines
I deny she was here
I cry to my pillow
drenched in her perfume
a full moon masterbates
upon a dogs barking in heat
five city cops rape
a bar attendant
if only for a little while
she laughs at my naivity
a forgotten song
blares from a cheap factory stereo
players pretending to be from the hood
shooting stars with blowguns
seems far fetched for her
take a holiday on the sandy beaches of Missouri
I hear the water rushing already
please make my bed
I slept in my urine
pissed at her
the captain of the ship
yelled at his crew
while they tempted the giant squid
with jellybeans and licorice
yes, oh yes, the bait was taken
only a fool believes in the power of a jellybean
...and then in a moment
of exctasy and agony
reaching climax
he took out the slingshot
and killed his dreams
I return to her
on the dryland of Arizona
everybody trips
at the sound of my bowels
rubbing in starvation
being hungry for attention
before the old demons
come and take she and I away
closer to our home
I tuck her in
it's kinda cold
I kiss her damp lips
with furious abandon
while she sleeps

Copyright 2001 Overtoke Publishing

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