Poetic Imagination
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Biography of Jaystone

I have always had an interest in writing. The way of expressing my feelings done upon paper soothes my fragile eggshell existence. I am greatly inspired by Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Roger Waters, Jim Morrison, Shawn Hendrickson, and many mass media objects of idol worship.

I have always been kind of scared to attempt to submit my work to be published, but now my courage has grown leaps and bounds. Please consider my writing, and give me a critique. For critiques is what makes us better writers.

I dont like to write Hallmark style. For if I lived in a Hallmark world, I wouldnt have my despair to draw influence upon.

I am married to Wanda with 2 wonderful children Bandet and Chia, my Chihuahuas.



Rt. 4 Box 1069

Piedmont, Mo. 63957

(573) 223-3468



Give me your name if ya want
Can I get your e-mail address
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