Poetic Imagination
Poetic Imagination 4
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My heads tucked away
lost in a pre mature haze
dormant indeed
a shallow desire
a dampened solitude
Take the floor,
yeah groove it baby
Make your daddy want more
say yes to me,
yes to me as your desire
I want to do it now
Patience she cries...
I can't quite decide
a story of us both
as ashes fill her mouth
my arrogance cries
please allow me to experience this divinity
don't make me wait much longer
for my will is not too good.
Ahhh yes!!!
She allows me to enter her chapel so dear
it's as a lost river in a dessert
it has so much appeal
I'm trying to give her my everything
the best I've too offer
dammit, I knew that the foreplay was too long
for dear I must go to sleep now
it has been the best time of my life!
Well Alone
Begin this sorrow with a wish
do you grant me favor
to wallow in your shadow
I'm tired, so tired.
a person wasted
chances are gone forsaken
as the river runs
I never step in the same flow twice.