Poetic Imagination
Poetic Imagination 1
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Illegal Smile

Illegal smile 5 miles wide,

closet bin sleepy eyes,

such a tender romance.

You perfect the merry prankster,

a common man demanding attention.

Alone you start to realize,

a giant amongst men,

an ant amongst giants,

we paralyze our mortality,

only to pick up we are abnormal.



Living as Kings on a Beggars Budget

Innocence is bliss gone in a daydream

Caught unaware a devilish smile leads to the temptation of more

Where can the dreams separate life?

Passed from one to another,

Like a disease.

We all feel insecure

Depression is but life on a down

Live the utmost in the way you seem fit.

Festered as the sore we pick

Life is but scars built over time expecting

We live as kings on beggars budgets,

Look at us, see our pride,

We become as a child spoiled

In essence we are the ones who has taken this innocence.

We have desensitized the world

Living in a floating atmosphere of guilt.