Poetic Imagination
For My Wife

For My Wife
Though I may not be as whom you thought you married those many years ago in high school,
I can assure you of only one thing.
My love deepens everyday for you
though of course I don't always show it.
Sorry you had to marry a drug addict,
cause at times drugs become my partner.
Can forgiveness ever be expressed in my guilt? Knowing that I had it all, had it to where I couldn't fall, at least not in your eyes.
My sorrow is knowing that though I am a prick, your love has never failed.
A woman who can stand the wiles of Jaystone, Is a woman who deserves to be queen for at least a day.
I may not be able to grant you your wishes, but I can offer this expression of love.
To My Punkin:
Love Jaystone
4-22-1993 - ?

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