Poetic Imagination
Poetic Imagination 5

Ring of Fire
She told me a lie
I beleive her all the time
it never seems to change anyways
should I ever trust you again?
Should I trust?
I know I've lied
many times I'm so sure
forgivness is forgotten
as we cause this scene.
Yeah cause this scene.
Thought I might forget
all of this fluid bullshit
can't understand your ways
living in your hectic zone
yeah in your chaos zone.
Can you see through me
all I am for sure
my hearts bleeds for you
do you see me burn?
Wanna see me burn?
Helpless, I'm so helpless
in her ring of fire
I'll never be able to change my ways
she'll always be a liar
I am helpless yes helpless
in her ring of fire.
The Doors
Traveling a well worn path
seeing a revelations past
can I a moment to recollect
this is my moment of clarity
Two doors before me
this option becomes mine
too choose wisely
my recourse untimely
this is my decision
One door leads to salvation
the other to who knows
this is my choice
as the bearer of this task
I must become what I've feared to be.

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